The "We Love Our School Lunch Heroes" contest is produced by the Southern California School Nutrition Association and sponsored by Food Safety Systems and General Mills Foodservice. The deadline for submission is Friday, October 2, 2020. The winners will be announced on National School Lunch Week, October 12, 2020. The contest is open to students, teachers, school employees, parents and community member employees in California. All entries become the property of SCSNA, Food Safety Systems and General Mills Convenience & Foodservice. Creating a submission indicates consent.

Contest Eligibility & Entry Guidelines


  • Students, teachers, parents and school employees and community members can submit photos, videos, letters, songs, artwork - the more creative the, better!

  • If using a smartphone for video submissions, be sure to hold it landscape.  And don't forget... good audio quality is a main component!  Need some video recording tips? Visit

  • To be eligible, you must be a student(s), teacher, parent, school employee or community member .  Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify ineligible entries.

  • Any failure to adhere to these Contest Rules may result in disqualification from the contest.

  • No purchase is necessary.

  • Be creative as you sing praises to your school districts essential lunch heroes. Make us laugh, cry and inspired…tug at our heartstrings.


Entries will be judged on the following criteria in three categories:


  • 15 Points  -> Content: communicate the value that school lunch heroes have provided them & their community during the pandemic.

  •  5 Points   -> Style and Creativity: let your imagination run wild! Song, dance, video, letter, artwork, etc.

  •  5 Points   -> Time and Effort : participant spent time and effort creating something meaningful.

Download Criteria Scoring Sheet: Judges Scoring Criteria


Decisions of judges are final and not subject to appeal or review.  Ties will be broken using the Content category.

The winner(s) will be notified before October 12, 2020.  The winners will be posted on  The winning entry (submitted by a student, teacher, parent, school employee or community member) will win $500! The winning team of School Lunch Heroes will also receive $500 - the prize will be sent to the District's Director of Nutrition Services to be used to show appreciation to the team of lunch heroes at the designated school. This $500 can be used to provide lunch, gifts etc. at the Director's discretion. Winners must not be filers of Form 700.