Primary Level Winner

School Lunch Hero, Maria Valdez

J. P. Kelley Elementary School | Rialto Unified School District

Nominated by Ms. Tina Pham, 1st Grade Class

"Maria is the epitome of what a Child Nutrition Services Worker should be. She goes above and beyond her job description. Her love for the students and her love for her job is apparent in her never ending smile. She tends our school garden in order to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to our students. She makes sure everyone is fed and ready to learn. She is an essential part of our school. Our parents, students, classified, certificated staff and administrators admire her unending dedication. She is our school lunch "SUPER" HERO."

Secondary Level Winner

School Lunch Hero, Suzie Blandon-Buck

June Jordan High School | San Francisco Public Schools

Nominated by Ms. Claire Davenport, 9th Grade Class

"Ms. Suzie is a close friend of our special education program. She is a very nice woman and also she is very tough and strong. She always takes extra care of us and makes sure we have bag lunches for field trips. She knows what foods the kids like best, helps them make their choices and helps them to the table. All the students love her very much."



Thank you to students, teachers, parents, and administrators who nominated and submitted an entry to the
2019 I Love My School Lunch Hero Video Contest!
Winning entries received $1,000 each.
$500 to go to the nominee and $500 to the teacher
for classroom supplies at his/her discretion.


Please continue to recognize your Nutrition Services Staff for their efforts in nourishing our children.
Whether he or she takes first place or not, it remains an honor to be nominated.
The Southern California School Nutrition Association would also like to extend our appreciation
to this year's judges, Ms. Stacy Sagowitz, Ms. Emily Miramontes, and Ms. Danielle Marquez
as well as our sponsors, Food Safety Systems and General Mills Foodservice.
Your dedication, generosity and support have made our campaign a success!
Visit our YouTube Channel to see all video entries.