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Primary Level Winner

Charlotte Broughton

Washington Elementary | Sacramento City USD

"Mrs. Charolette has been working for Sacramento City Unified School District for 20 years, and 16 of those years at  our school, Washington Elementary. Mrs. Charolette has become part of the "Washington Family", because she is always here for the students. She is always sure students have something to eat, even if the kitchen is closed. She has been seen offering advice, hugs, a laugh with students, and always has  a smile to share!  She started a lunch helper program, to give students the opportunity to learn about nutrition services behind the scenes, and also helped us establish a food waste reduction program."

- Ms. Kim Williams

5th Grade Class

Ms. Diana Flores (Director of Nutrition Services), Ms. Charolette Broughton (Cafeteria Manager),

and Mr. Hurst Philpot (Supervisor, Food Services)

Rapunsel Robertson

Bud Carson Middle School | Hawthorne SD

"Rapunsel is our favorite lunch hero. Not only does she ask what we want to eat for lunch, but is also interested in knowing how we're doing. She always takes the time to greet us with a smile and manages to make us feel special by making sure she congratulates us for birthdays, mother's day, or simply lets us know she cares by listening to us vent. It is clear to see that Rapunsel loves her job and cares for everyone at our school site. Two minutes is clearly not long enough to show why Rapunsel should be selected as the I Love My School Lunch Hero, but we would love to see her win the prize. Vote for Rapunsel! She truly deserves to be compensated for her hard word at Bud Carson Middle School."

- Ms. Janet Andrade

8th Grade Class

Ms. Andrade's class with Dr. Brian Markarian (HSD Associate Superintendent), Ms. Janet Andrade, Ms. Jennifer Kim (Nutrition Services Director),

Ms. Rapunsel Robertson and Ms. Anna Apoian




Thank you to students, teachers, parents, and administrators who nominated and submitted an entry to the
2018 I Love My School Lunch Hero Video Contest!
Winning entries received $1,000 each.
$500 to go to the nominee and $500 to the teacher
for classroom supplies at his/her discretion.


Secondary Level Winner

Please continue to recognize your Nutrition Services Staff for their efforts in nourishing our children.
Whether he or she takes first place or not, it remains an honor to be nominated.
The Southern California School Nutrition Association would also like to extend our appreciation
to this year's judges, Ms. Stacy Sagowitz, Ms. Emily Miramontes, and Mr. John Rivera
as well as our sponsors, Food Safety Systems and General Mills Foodservice.
Your dedication, generosity and support have made our campaign a success!
Visit our YouTube Channel to see all video entries.
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